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7th-Jul-2024 06:18 am - My LJ is opened to everyone :3
I keel you!

Like I said in the title ^^
My LJ is open to everyone~
I'm not a private person :D of course I have a secret too~
but I'm not a person who write their secret in LJ :3

I want to make a friend with everyone ^^
but, at least... please leave a comment here
just tell me how should I call u and something about you, it's up to you ^^
I'll add u back~
[it's because I rarely check my inbox] *got kicked*

I keel you!

I need to buy something and decided to sell couple of fandom things. Especially Tegomass CD, NEWS (uchiwa, calender, photoset, magazines), and there's another CD and manga too...

So, please take a look :)
(for Indonesian buyers only)

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GReeeeN - Midori no Tameda

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Title : This isn't the end
Author : Nana
Genre : Humor/Hurt Comfort
Rate : K+
Starring :NEWS, NeX member & OC
Author's Note : Butuh waktu cukup lama untuk menyelesaikan ini secara sempurna. Meskipun pasti masih ada yang kurang. Semoga semua fans NEWS di Indonesia bisa menikmati ini, terutama untuk anggota forum NEWS EXPRESS. Menggambarkan isi hati penulis yang paling dalam, ahahaha.... enjoy!

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Mari kita mulai dengan...
Sumpe itu judulnya puitis banget, persis anak muda lagi galau segalau galaunya. Tapi biarin aja, biarkan penulis galau dan bercerita mumpung dia lagi mood.

Yang merasa anak NeX dan merasa pernah berada dalam keluarga ini, baca yaa... kita nostalgia bareng. (ceritanya mau ngajak galau bareng)

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I'm type B
Hello all! Miss me? (guess not XD)

I'm comeback from Japan after 1 months, and comeback from hiatus too (hope so...)
Even there'e to many deadline for assignment, thesis things, and the other problem that I can't solve until now, I'll always do the best with all of my effort! Haha!

Actually I didn't really know what I want to write in this post, but...
is there someone who knows Rirakkuma? A famous bear character in Japan? The cutest bear ever?

Okay, I mean, this little one...

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I'm type B
Dan seperti janji gue sebelumnya, meski telat sehari karna gue kebanyakan maen diluar. Ini dia reportnya!
silahkan dibaca, enggak usah pake mikir. Kalo ada typo ato ada yang aneh, lewatin aja, ini bener2 murni tanpa proses pengeditan. cuma 2 jam ngerjainnya
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I keel you!
Satu lagi report ala hetalia...
dan tanpa banyak bacot, silahkan baca aja :D

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Entah kesambet setan apa, waktu gue nulis report ini, malah jadinya kayak fic. Karna kayaknya sampah banget kalo gue post di FFN, gue post aja dimari, di jurnal gue sendiri, di tempat dimana orang-orang gak bisa protes dan ngeflame. Huhahahaha~

Yang minat sama Badminton, terutama yang demen sama Hetalia, ayuk diintip...
gue nulisnya ala fic Hetalia. Sori kalo ini terlalu rusak, makanya gak lulus standar gue sendiri untuk dimasukin ke FFN...

Daripada gue banyak bacot, udah malem juga... langsung aja...

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26th-Apr-2011 02:20 am - a hectic life
baka killua
 Let's see... it's been a while since my last post D:
I'm really busy with my thesis, hope it'll be end soon. I feel like in hell when checking all of those sakubun.  My head become dizzy so suddenly.
And to make it worse, I've become Math & English tutor now. Actually, I don't really have a confident to teach senior high school students, but there's a requirement to teach primary school until high school  students. It's been 4 years since the last time I learn math, still using english as many as I can eventhough I'm still horrible in grammar, but this is the condition that make me a little bit worried in teaching. I must learn and practice it again, while doing my thesis. [never stop to shout 'I can handle it!' on my head] 
I really miss all of my friend who usually chat on ym/skype or fb...
But, maybe I'll hold myself for now.

Anyway, the scholarship will be delayed until july 22th....
it's SUMMER....
and a fasting month for muslim like me...
summer + fasting = great.
Hope I can surpass this without any serious problem.
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